Welcome Jack!!

Jack is a 2 yr old white pitty and had a very tough time in the shelter.  Jack is potty trained and lets you know when he needs to go out. He absolutely wants nothing more in life than to be right next to his human and follow you around and snuggle! He is very calm and gentle, listens well, and is eager to please. Jack currently lives with another dog and does great after slow intros with other dogs. Here’s Jack’s point of view on how he’s doing: I am so full of so much love and kindness. I sleep in my human foster brothers bed every night. He says I’m pretty good at sharing the pillow. I love chewing on bones because bones are the best! Belly rubs are the best too! I also like to shake ropes around. My foster mom says I don’t understand tug of war, so I get to play by myself. I was very underweight when I came to my foster family, but now I am at a good weight, and I eat 2x a day. I am always sniffing around, so my foster mom says NO food on the counter when I’m around. I’m a big boy, so when I smell something good, I have to check it out. I am potty trained and haven’t had any accidents. I go into my crate just fine, and I stay there without any fuss if you’re gone, but if you’re home, I let you know with barks and whining that I know you’re home and can’t wait to be near you! I do really good on walks too, even if I hear another dog. I know some basic commands like sit, no, come, quiet, and off. I’m working on learning more everyday! I’m great with little humans, and for the most part I leave their stuff alone, but sometimes I do like to chew on things. So far I haven’t ruined anything cause mom catches me, so I walk away when she says my name. I guess those toys aren’t for me. I am neutered and up to date on all my shots. I have NOT been formally cat tested, but when I see a squirrel I get very excited, so my foster mom doesn’t think I would do very well with leaving a cat alone.