Our Story

 UnbreakaBULL is a new, progressive, passionate group of volunteer rescuers who strive to show the public the inherent good within bully-breed dogs. Our executive director, Sara, has been deeply involved in local rescue for over 10-years. She holds invaluable experience in pit bull rehabilitation, and when coupled with her unwavering fervor to “save them all”, this has made her an irreplaceable force within the MN rescue community. Our mission is simple: we collaborate as a team and work tirelessly to reduce the amount of pit bull-type dogs facing unnecessary euthanasia in local Minnesota shelters. Pit Bulls are resilient, inherently good, and unconditionally loving - essentially, they are unbreakabull. 

We are 100% donation run - we rely on the kindness and support of the community to do what we do. We are forever grateful for our fosters, volunteers, and rescue supporters who have stuck with us during this important and necessary evolution. Together we are #unbreakabull