Hi! My name is Xena, and I am 6 months old. I came to rescue as my sister and I were fighting the parvo virus and needed someone to love us. We are all better now, and we are looking for our forever homes! Since I have been so sick, I am a little behind on the things that puppies learn such as going potty outside, but I am learning to do that quickly. I am also working on being in my kennel and not being sad about that. I am getting better though! I have no problems with other dogs, cats, or kids. I am excited to finally be healthy enough to just be a dog! Could you be my forever person?? FOSTER UPDATE 09/15/19 She loves to play fetch! She will bring the ball back almost every time and drop it for you to throw again. She is also a big snuggler! She would do great with another dog as a playmate as she has done amazing with my other dogs and knows when to play and when to snuggle. She is learning that her kennel is safe place and a good place to be. She also sleeps with my son and she does very well holding it until morning, but still has accidents during the day. Xena loves to cuddle in your lap and fall asleep! She is very treat motivated and knows sit. She shows interest in our cat in a healthy way, and when the cat hisses at her, she backs off and loses interest immediately. She is learning to walk on a leash in the yard and is easily redirected when using her name to correct her when she pulls a little. She is a quick learner. As with a typical puppy, we are working on not jumping up when excited or greeting people. She is a little mouthy when playing, which is normal for a puppy, and this is something that we are working on as well. She is such a delightful little girl!!