Trouble is a senior dog who was dumped at a shelter after being a loyal companion for 12 years. He is such a loving dog. Once we got Trouble settled in his foster home we discovered a large splenic benign mass which we successfully removed. Trouble is 100% healthy and ready to live out his golden years in a new forever home.

From the foster:

He's doing great! His personality comes out more each day. He's a good couch potato pal, #1 Snuggler (can't get close enough!)and walks great on his leash. He lets me know when he needs to go outside to potty and when it's bedtime. He will go to his kennel, but doesn't want to. But once in there he's fine. He gets along great with my dog Shadow and has little to no interest in the cat. (She did hiss at him and he just left her alone.) He is so cute when he wants your attention, he does a half growl, half whine. Not much for playing yet but has shown some interest in playing tug with the rope toy. Seriously- he is such a good dog!