Welcome Tonka to Rescue!

Tonka is a 2 yr. old beauty and is doing well with his foster family. He is very friendly and gives tons of kisses! He has a stuffed turtle he loves! It squeaks, so that’s a plus for him! He tries to help fold blankets. He loves sitting with his foster dad in the recliner and looking out the window. He snores when he falls asleep! He likes to “protect” his foster mom when she does the dishes. He sits right next to his foster mom so he can watch behind her. Those dishes can be a dangerous thing you know! :) He kennels good, but still whines a little when in there. He just doesn’t want to miss the action! He does eventually settle down. He eats when he’s hungry. He has done really well with other dogs on his dog tests, and he plays great with his foster fur sibling. He has no issues with cats and ignores them when he sees them. He is a great listener, and he knows who is boss. He has mastered potty training! He barks at new noises, but it’s just to alert you that something is new in his world. He doesn’t continue once he is reassured that it’s fine. He sits really well and knows how to stay, and his foster family is working on more tricks. His foster family is teaching him how to take treats gently as he just gets a little excited and needs a moment to sit and be calm before getting his treat. He loves going on walks and walks very well when he has a harness on. He’s overall a lover. He still has a puppy like demeanor and lots of energy. He likes sticks as well! He just wants to be loved on constantly, and if you stop petting him for too long, he’ll start nuzzling your hand for attention or roll over on his belly and wiggle until you pet him. His foster family has loved fostering him and are excited about him finding his furever home!