Tank is a 1 year old super happy, loving, and energetic boy.  He is a little nugget, about 46 lbs. He is your typically puppy who is full of energy and so sweet! Tank has been working on his social skills with other dogs and has come so far.  He is never aggressive, but is just learning proper play style.  Tank is very smart and very treat motivated.  He does great in his kennel. Sometimes he is reluctant to go into his kennel, but he does end up going in after some encouragement with peanut butter! He is potty trained.  Tank loves life and people!  He is very awesome.  He gets overly excited when he sees new people and other dogs, so we are working on jumping; he would do best with kids that he can’t accidentally knock down. He does pull a lot when we are on walks, but this something that we are also working on. He loves to be around his foster humans all the time and loves to snuggle and give kisses! He knows how to sit and is very intelligent and is learning other commands quickly. He loves his chew toys too! Tank is full of love and looking for his forever home!!