Hi! My name is Shadow, and I am 6 months old. I came to rescue as my sister and I were fighting the parvo virus and needed someone to love us. We are all better now, and we are looking for our forever homes! Since I have been so sick, I am a little behind on the things that puppies learn such as going potty outside, but I am learning to do that quickly. I am also working on being in my kennel and not being sad about that. I am getting better though! I have no problems with other dogs, cats, or kids. I am excited to finally be healthy enough to just be a dog! Could you be my forever person?? FOSTER UPDATE 09/15/19 She is a true cuddle bug, and she loves to be laying some part of her on you! Her favorite thing is to cuddle in between her foster fur brother Barney & me on my chair with half her body in between my back & the chair, lol! If you tell her to go potty outside she will go. She sleeps with my son at night locked in his room, and she will hold it all night. She still has the occasional accident during the day, but she will usually come in my office and bug me if she needs to go out. She doesn’t like her kennel, but will lay in Barney’s if I’m in my room with her. She has never been kenneled since coming to stay with me, so we are working on being in the kennel and understanding that it’s a safe and good place to be. She is a very playful pup and is learning to not be mouthy when playing, but that is a puppy, and she is learning quickly. She is very treat motivated and knows sit, but is not very good at stay yet!! She is a very social little girl, and she would love to have a puppy playmate in her new home. She is a very happy, outgoing pup! She is always cuddled up with one of the other dogs! She does love to chew, so bones are must for this little girl! She is pretty mischievous and will jump on the kitchen counter to get cups or silverware if it’s left out, but we are working on this. She knows her name, and she will come when called. We are working on leash walking in the yard, and she is doing well, not really pulling, just learning. She is fine with our cat, and when our cat hisses at her, she will leave it alone. She absolutely loves kids and is learning to not bite during play, but she is a puppy and this is something that we are working on. She is just an all around great girl!!!