Razz is 10 years old and lived a very sad, sad life prior to rescue.  Razz spent his whole life downstairs in a basement many times having to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom all in the same space.  He was taunted by kids and grown ups.  He was never a family member at all, rather an alarm system.  Razz is so very loving and gentle.  He is more scared of men and prefers women.  He needs to be carefully introduced to people visiting at home, women or men. He hasn’t been introduced to any males while in his foster home, but some female friends have come over to visit and he’s liked some of them. There were a couple where he got nervous and started to shake and was ready to lunge, but with observation of this behavior and training, he has gotten better. Razz has lived with 2 little dogs in the past. Razz deserves to know love, and his foster is showing him just that.  He is an amazing, resilient man. Razz is a gentle boy. He ever so gently takes treats from your hand. He’s a perfect walker, never barks at other dogs or people, and he’s always paying attention to his foster mom and commands. Sometimes he gets a little too excited and will pull, but his foster mom just tells him to slow down, and he does so immediately. He gets along great with cats. He’s a great fly catcher! (his foster mom actually has seen him catch and kill them). He’s totally potty trained. He’s a perfect angel!! It’s amazing how well trained he seems to be. He hasn’t been kenneled at all. He is free to roam around the house when his foster mom is gone and everything is fine. He doesn’t jump up on tables or dig in the trash.... nothing. This sweet man deserves a forever home full of love and affection. Are you the person that will make his dreams come true? Apply to love this boy forever today!