Razz is 10 years old and lived a very sad, sad life prior to rescue.  Razz spent his whole life downstairs in a basement many times having to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom all in the same space.  He was taunted by kids and grown ups.  He was never a family member at all, rather an alarm system.  Razz is so very loving and gentle.  He is more scared of men and prefers women.  Razz needs a lot of dental work, and we need to address several other health issues.  Razz is super over-stimulated when seeing other dogs, but he has lived with 2 little dogs in the past.  He is currently working on cats, but it will take some time.  Razz deserves to know love, and his foster is showing him just that.  He is an amazing, resilient man.  More to come on Razz as he settles into his foster home.