Welcome Peanut to Rescue!

This is Peanut, and she is 1.5 yrs. old. She is a typical puppy and loves to play with other dogs so much. She is very friendly and a social butterfly. Peanut is very sweet. She is learning to fetch by watching her fur brothers. She loves to run around the backyard and play with her fur brothers. She's great around other dogs and kids and loves her chew toys. She lets her fosters know when she needs to go out. She is not kenneled when they are home. She will go in the kennel when they are leaving, but let's you know she doesn't like it. She's a super snuggler and wants to be in the same room as her people at all times. She will not let you leave her sight. She loves kids and belly rubs. She is good with cats, and she would love to have another playmate that is furry. She is just a sweet, gentle little nugget and is full of love to give.