Introducing Ori! 

Thanks to an amazing foster dad, Ori is out of boarding and is now in a home and doing GREAT. In fact, we believe he has great potential to be an ESD (Emotional Support Dog).  He is neutered and up to date on shots. Ori has been through a lot in his short life (he’s not even a year old). He was originally purchased by his previous owners to be a fighting dog and he was left abandoned and wandering the streets all alone after his owner went to prison. He has started working with a trainer to undo the damage from his previous owners. He is one of the most loving dogs I have ever met, but at this time he will have to be in an ONLY dog home. You have to meet this dog to understand how amazing he is!! He loves fetch, swimming, and Olympic style cuddling sessions.  Ori's journey has yet to come full circle.  His past hasn't stopped him from having a loving spirit.  Please consider fostering or adopting him as he needs out of boarding as he has been caged up there for months.  This young guy deserves to be in a loving forever home. Help prove that not all people are mean and apply to adopt him today. You won’t regret it!