Introducing Ori! 

Dogs like Ori don’t come around too often. He is no older than 1 yr and he has a certain combination of traits that make him such a great dog. One has to meet him in person to see what an amazing spirit he has. His stunning blue nose good looks only adds to his appeal. Ori lives with a foster dad and enjoys a fenced in yard but he is so adaptable he would do well in almost any setting including apartments because his main love is HUMANS! He is a great fetcher, swimmer, and prepare for the best snuggle sessions ever. Ori is a quick learner and super eager to please. Ori is a great candidate to be an Emotional Support Dog (ESD).

Here is a little about Ori from his foster dad:

“He’s great on leash. He is very quick at picking up commands (with me with zero experience teaching him). He can sit, stay, shake, side, and almost has weaving between legs learned. He doesn’t ever go too far away from me outside, and comes immediately when I say his name. He has never met a human he doesn’t like, he’s not food aggressive at all. He’s an aggressive chewer, but never on anything but toys or bones. I freeze marrow bones for him a couple times a week to make them last a little longer. He likes to sleep under the blankets almost every night (he acts as a great heater on those cold nights, ha). He’s very food motivated, and never has any accidents, fully potty/kennel trained.”

We know Ori had a rough start to life because he was abandoned and left to the streets when his owner went to prison. Ori did not have good dog socialization skills and at this time he needs to be in an only pet household.

Ori has a whole lotta heart and love to give and craves a strong bond with people. He has a lovely manner and disposition and so deserves a loving forever home. Are you the one he’s been waiting for? Please fill out an application to meet this handsome, athletic, well behaved boy!