Hi! My name is Olive, and I am an adorable 14 week old pup that is SO sweet. My mother is a Lab/Heeler mix, and my dad is a Pit Bull/Boxer mix. FOSTER UPDATE (08/29/19): She is doing great! She is very smart and knows sit and shake so far! She is still being potty trained, and this will be a process. She is afraid to be outside unless she can see you the whole time and likes to be watched when out. If you look away she knows and will seek you out. She LOVES showers!!! She absolutely loves to hop in with you when you take one! She loves to cuddle when we are home. She is still reluctant with men, but she is getting so much better then she was! She is still a bit skittish with new people in general, but we know that will come with time and working on things with her. She loves getting treats, and she takes them very nicely. If she doesn’t like the one you give her, she will spit it out and wait for one that she feels is more favorable lol. She is learning to not jump, but this is still very much puppy behavior and her just being nervous at times. She is very attention motivated! Ollie, we like to call her that for short, has some separation anxiety when she is put in her kennel and doesn’t like it, but that is also something that we are working on. We have been using CBD oil to help with her anxiety and it has helped tremendously. She doesn’t pick on her foster sisters at all and gets along great with them and any other dogs. She also doesn’t seem to mind cats, although they are not always a fan of her, but she is very respectful of them and their space. She is super smart and is doing great in learning how to be a dog.