Hello!!! My name is Mila. I am a smaller pittie, and I was found living in a car until nice people found me and came to help. I was malnourished and you could see my rib cage, but every day I am getting bigger and stronger. I am only 9 months old, but I have lived a lot of places and met a lot of friends. I LOVE people, cats, dogs, and kids! Even though I love everybody, I really want to find my forever humans and start my life with them. The perfect family for me would be someone who will continue on my training and help me become the amazing dog I know I can be. I am treat motivated, a people-pleaser, and a very fast learner. With consistent training, I can become the perfect dog for you! I already know sit, come, shake, down, drop it, and my favorite word is “Treat!” I’m also great off leash! I just have to work on my recall because I have no concept of stranger danger. I would fit very nicely into an active home or a home with a fur friend for me to play with. I’m an active girl and love to do anything that is physical such as running, but I am still very much a puppy and am learning to calm even after a ton of exercise. I often sit quietly and chew a bone or a play with a toy all by myself. In just a few weeks of being in my foster home I’ve really improved from being completely un-potty trained to being almost perfect. I am kennel trained, but sometimes I cry for a few minutes because I’d rather be with my person. I can hold my bladder for 8 hours at night, but during the day I prefer to have several potty breaks. At night I sleep with my foster mama and insist that she tuck me under the covers. Then, I snore incredibly loudly, so my foster mama calls me, “piggy.” I am very submissive when meeting other dogs and extremely gentle with babies and kids. When I’m excited, my booty wiggles like crazy! My foster mama says that I need to work on jumping, food defending, and being mouthy with toys, play, and when I get excited, but these are little things that all puppies need to learn. I have absolute best qualities of a pittie that you could want: cuddly, friendly to all, and a complete sweetheart!!