Hi! I am Lollie. I am 2.5 yrs. old and about 45 lbs. I am super sweet and have a very goofy, easy going personality. I am a very awesome little gal. I am very good with kids, and I get a long great with both male and female dogs. I love my foster fur brother who is also a pitbull like me. My foster mom says that she thinks that I am part kangaroo because I hop straight up and down when I excited. She says that I have a very wiggly butt and that when I get excited I wiggle so much that sometimes I fall down. I’m just excited because I know my forever family is somewhere waiting for me. I am potty trained. When I go in my kennel I will whine for a couple of minutes because I just want to be with my people, but when I realize that they always come back, I settle right down and am quiet. I am not food aggressive in the least, but I make noises when I eat because I love food so much, and I act like I never get any. I just try to get extras by pretending that I’m hungry, but it never works. My foster fur brother can walk around me when I eat and I am not bothered in the least. I am working on my listening skills. There is some concern that I am hard of hearing, but if you get my attention before talking to me, I do a lot better with listening. Because no one ever took the time to teach me anything, I am learning everything like a new puppy, but I’m getting there. I’m learning that I can relax and not be so vigilant. I move around a lot and it’s just because I think that I have to watch over everything. I am also learning to walk on a leash. Who’s idea was that thing anyway? Man there are a lot of rules to being a dog, but don’t worry, I’m getting the hang of it slowly. My foster family is working hard with me, and I know that I will make some family an awesome friend for life. Is that you by any chance?