Welcome Lily to Rescue!

My name is Lily, and I am 2.5 years old. I love to snuggle! I have a foster fur dog sister, and we love playing together and stealing bones from each other. I also do this funny thing where I like to sometimes bury and hide my bones! I do not like cats, or they don’t like me, but either way, we can’t agree to disagree, so I can’t be around them. I also have 2 human siblings, and they’re my favorite because they seem to drop a lot of food. My favorite place to chill out is on the oldest ones bed. I don’t have any accidents in the house, but you will have to learn to notice my small cues to go the bathroom. I am still learning how to walk like a pro on leash, but I take directions very well and will master leash walking in no time. I like to make sure you know I’m ready for more attention and scratches by jumping up, but my foster mama always tells me to get down before she pets me. Bones are my favorite thing to chew on! My fur sister has taught me how to play tug of war with a rope, but I’m not too sure about playing tug of war with the humans or fetching a ball yet. I am super laid back, so I don’t react when a toy, bone, or food is taken from me. I do great out and about in public and am super friendly, so you can take me anywhere if you want. I have learned that food will always be there, so you can leave my food out. I am 100% comfortable in a crate, and I don’t whine or fuss one bit! I recently had had a toe amputated and all the vet staff was very impressed with how laid back I was during exams. I know how to sit, come, and I don’t bark very often. My foster mama says I spoil her with how well behaved I am, and she can’t believe no one has applied for me yet because everyone loves me when they meet me! I can’t wait to meet my furever family, so hurry up and get an application it in so we can meet!