Welcome Lily to Rescue!

My name is Lily, and I am 2.5 years old. I love to snuggle! I also do this funny thing where I like to sometimes bury and hide my bones! I do not like cats, or they don’t like me, but either way, we can’t agree to disagree, so I can’t be around them. It is being recommended that I be the only dog in the house because I just want to make sure I get all the scratches, hugs, pets, and don’t forget the treats! I love kids so much, and they’re my favorite because they seem to drop a lot of food. I like to make sure you know I’m ready for more attention and scratches by jumping up, but I do well with being told no before I get pets. Bones are my favorite thing to chew on! I am super laid back, so I don’t react when a toy, bone, or food is taken from me. I am 100% comfortable in a crate, and I don’t whine or fuss one bit! The vet staff were very impressed with how laid back I was during exams when I went to see them. I know how to sit, come, and I don’t bark very often. I can’t wait to meet my furever family, so hurry up and get an application it in so we can meet!