Meet Lily! 

Lily is a total snuggle bug who LOVES to be with her humans. She is dog tested and is good with both male and females. She doesn’t quite know how to pick up on cues that the other dog is tired and done playing.  Note that she has not been cat tested but she is GREAT with children! She lives with two children who are 8 & 12 years old. The neighborhood kids (6 & 9 years old) visit regularly and she does well with them all. She hasn’t even chewed any of their toys up. Lily is house trained but does need to be on a regular schedule for going to the bathroom. No accidents since she’s been kept on a regular schedule. She is working on walking at a consistent speed and takes directions well and will master leash walking in time. She also likes to let you know she’s ready for more lovin’ by jumping up.  Lily LOVES chewing on bones and other hard toys but you will need to keep an eye on her because she does like to bury her chews and toys outside in the dirt or inside in a blanket or pile of dirty clothes. She will also bury them in her crate blankets and for this reason her foster mom hasn’t given her a bed, just lots of blankets. She hasn’t shown any aggression when a toy, bone or food is taken from her. She is a thirsty little girl so there are several bowls of water available all the time. Meals are spread out as she is still learning that food will always be available for her. Lily has mastered going into her kennel, without bribes and doesn’t whine when she’s in there. However, she will chirp when she’s dying to play with her foster sister. She is just an overall amazing little nugget and she is waiting for YOU to give her a forever home!  Apply to meet Lily today (one look into her eyes and you won’t be able to turn away).