Meet Gurlfriend 

Gurl is such a precious soul.  She has had such a rough start to life.  She was over-bred, hit by a car, her teeth were broken down to the roots, and she had mange.  Then someone just threw her away like trash. Even though Gurl finally found rescue and got all healed up, her heart is still not full.  She would love her forever home. In her foster home she has to be rotated as she doesn't really like other dogs really close to her. She gets very anxious, and we can only imagine it is from being over-bred and attacked before.  She would do best as an only dog we think. Since she is anxious, she would also do best with older children, maybe 9 and up. She is crate trained and doesn't make a peep when in her crate. She is doing really good now with potty training. As long as she is on a schedule, she is really good about not having accidents.  She lived outside her whole life, so potty training was something she needed to understand. She is one of the most loving creatures you will ever meet. All she craves in life is human touch and love. She does have skin allergies, so will need to be on medication for that. Please consider this baby as your new family member.  Apply to meet her today!