Donna is 7 yrs. old and was used as a baby making machine her whole life and then dumped at a shelter. Donna is so very sweet and gentle. She loves everyone she meets and greets them with butt wiggles and a smile. Donna has done well with the male dogs she has met and kids too. She is so laid back, so we doubt she'd care much about cats either. Donna does not like her kennel, so we are working on that. She is also working on potty training, but doing really well. From her foster (08/25/19) Donna is doing so wonderful. She is getting used to her crate during the day and understanding it is a safe place. She loves to be with people and snuggle. She is interested in the kitties, but is doing a good job redirecting when we tell her to leave them. She is great around cats that are already savvy to dogs however. She is even starting to play with toys a little bit! She is super silly. We are working on treating some skin infections on her legs, and she is scheduled to be spayed Sept 4 and will have the mammary masses removed.