This 70lb, 2 yr old brindle Cane Corso/German Shepard boy is a big loving goofball! He loves to snuggle and thinks he is a lap dog. Buster has energy, but mellows out after given some attention. He loves treats and is highly food motivated. Treat toys are so much fun for him! He plays well with dogs his size or smaller than he, and in fact, he would do great with a doggie playmate. He would make a great jogging buddy, loves tug o war, and enjoys fetch. Buster completed a 6 week board and train program to help with jumping, basic obedience, and impulse control, and he is wonderful dog who knows many commands. One thing, however, is that Buster does not like is strangers being in his face or leaning over him. Once he knows you though, he is totally fine with that!! Buster is an amazing dog that is just looking for the love, attention, and exercise he desires. He would benefit from strong leadership and someone who will continue to enforce all he just learned as described below.


FROM THE TRAINER: Buster has been trained both on leash and off leash. He has been socialized with dogs and people. Buster knows 1. Sit. 2. Down 3. Heel 4. Leave it 5. Come 6. Place 7. Touch 8. Commands on hand signals (sit, down, come) 9. Commands from a distance 10. Commands in motion. On top of the commands, we have spent a lot of time curbing Buster’s jumping habits. He is not allowed to jump on anyone for any reason. It was a bad habit. Buster is great with other dogs. We have tried him with many dogs of many breeds and sizes. He has never had any fight. He is good with toys and food and had never shown any resource guarding. With all that said, we encourage his new owner to keep his behavior on check by using his training. He needs to be under a “No Free Lunch” policy. This means that he
works for everything he gets and that includes attention, food, toys, going on walks, greeting people, etc. We recommend keeping the prong collar on him and using it on walks and when training. Buster was trained on a remote training collar as well. We recommend that only a person that knows how to use a training collar and how to train with one be using the collar otherwise it can mess up the dog’s training. We will be happy to teach anyone how to work with a remote training collar. In conclusion, Buster went through a major change in his behavior since we started training him. It has been long and hard work for him as well as for his trainers. He will need people around him to be patient, as well as very consistent, so he can keep up with his new skills. He needs to keep up with his obedience so he won’t slip back into the habits that brought him here in the first place. We will be more than happy to give any phone consultation, as well as schedule one on one training sessions at our training arena.