Meet Blanca,
Blanca is 4 years old and recently arrived to her new foster home after spending time in a shelter. She has settled in beautifully. She was found in a condemned home with her son and a cat previous to the shelter. Blanca is nothing short of extraordinary! Love and happiness just pours from her heart! She is currently living in her foster home with another dog and two cats.  Blanca’s foster parents think she may be deaf, however, that hasn’t seemed to impact her or her ability for training, which shows how eager she is to please her humans. She is actually extremely smart and alert. Within the first couple days of being with her fosters, she had already learned to respond to hand signals including-sit, fetch, dropping her toy, and working on leash training. Blanca now follows her many hand signals flawlessly! Her videos are a must watch! She is very affectionate, gentle, and likes to give kisses and receive belly rubs. She has an excellent disposition. Aside from her being a TOTAL sweetheart, she is very eager to please her humans, especially if treats and rubs are involved. Blanca seems to seek love from all the humans she comes into contact with.  She would love a human that she can follow around and snuggle or just lounge around with, although she finds her kennel to be a safe place and has slept through the night in there without a peep.  She also has had 0 accidents in her foster home! Blanca doesn’t seem to be affected by noises, therefore, she hasn’t barked much at all in her foster home. She would love to be a couch potato and a lap dog if allowed, although her foster parents are working with her to stay off of the furniture, and she is perfectly happy sitting close by on the ground. Blanca ALWAYS has a big smile on her face. We are eager to find her a home because we know Blanca really needs a permanent human to give her love, loyalty, and attention to.  Blanca’s fosters would undoubtedly take her in permanently if they didn’t live in apartment with 3 other animals already. Blanca’s fosters are happy to answer any questions they can. Will you be the one to adopt this fun loving girl? Fill out an application to meet her!