Please welcome Billy!

Meet Billy! A 3 year old handsome pitty/hound mix. He is a big cuddle bug that just wants to do whatever you’re doing, especially lounging on the couch or playing and wrestling between naps. He has discovered toys and loves to have a stuffy with him at night. He joined the rescue needing to gain a significant amount of weight, but with some groceries and a great appetite, he’s filled out and looks great. Billy is potty trained, crate trained, respectful of the fence and baby gate, and knows the commands sit, stay, lay down, and shake with both paws; he is a GREAT listener. Billy lives with a cat, and they get along just fine!! Billy would love to have a fenced in yard of his own so that he can run and play as he gets very anxious on walks and prefers to be able to roam free in a yard. He would not do well in an apartment. Billy came in with very little dog social skills, but is slowly learning. He really needs to be any only dog household. While he has become okay with his foster fur sibling, it has taken 6 months of very slow introductions. Due to this, we don’t recommend him being in a house with another dog. He shows no food aggression towards people. His foster parents say that he is a couch potato and will have a 15 minute burst of energy before going back to the couch for a nap 😂 His favorite scratching spots are his snout, jowls, and belly. He is very food/treat motivated. He LOVES raw hides and blueberry Greenies best. He gets a rawhide every day when his foster parents leave for work in his crate. He loves dog beds or cat beds; literally if there is anything cushy, any size, he’s going to curl up in it. He will wait to be asked up on furniture; he knows he’s allowed on the couch upstairs, but not the leather couch downstairs. We are working on leash training. He is better about not pulling, but is still anxious and whines when he cannot see the house. He is a sweet boy and is just looking for his forever home.