Arya, or Ari as her foster family calls her (she responds to this name very well) is 5 months old and all puppy!!  This girl LOVES to play, and we mean loves!  She is really goofy and happy-go-lucky!  She is great with other dogs, but they have to tolerate her puppy play. She loves kids, and she is learning that play biting is not appropriate unless it’s with a toy, but she is still a puppy and learning. She loves kids!! She knows sit, and she is working on not jumping. One thing at a time. She absolutely loves snuggles. She loves to nuzzle her head into people. She’s not a fan of storms, but she is learning that they aren’t so bad with some treats and snuggles during them. She doesn’t like her kennel time at night, but she will settle down. She would much rather prefer someone who will let her snuggle in bed. She loves to be pet constantly!! She loves loves attention and doesn’t ever not want it. When she is sleeping, she will wake up when you stop petting her. She loves playing outside with her foster sisters and sticks. She is getting much better at taking treats gently from someones hand. She looooves Smartbones! She cannot control her excitement when she meets someone new, and so we are learning on not jumping and remaining calm when someone new comes around. She just loves everyone and anyone. She is very vocal as well. She loves toys and anything that looks like one. Fill out an application today and take this love bug home with you!!