Hi, I'm Shaxx. I got to rescue a couple months ago after spending a tough 103 days in a shelter.. I am 5 yrs old and weigh 50 lbs, and I’m full of heart. During my shelter time a nice volunteer took me to her house for weekends because I got real depressed in dog jail & said I had PAWFECT house manners and was an EASY dog to have around, and a fun loving goof:) My fosters think so too! I look to my handler for clues, guidance and approval to make sure I am a good boy. I am potty trained, take treats gently & know basic commands plus high five. A long time ago (when I was around 8 mos old) I was a stray and in animal control. I then spent a few years living in a trailer park and was often tied up outside. I didn't really like it because all these kids taunted me. It's best I am not around any young rowdy children. 10 yrs & up respectable kids only please. I was then put on Craigslist for free and wound up at the shelter before Unbreakabull rescued me. I’m not destructive and don’t need to be kenneled, and do fine with free roam or gated in a room when alone. I actually don't handle being in a crate well. I love toys ( okay, I have destroyed a few stuffies) rolly balls, rope tug, peanut butter filled kongs and nylabones and food! I am really a PAWESOME combination of explorer, active partner and couch bandit. I would love to just sit by your side curled up, chill out and sleep in bed beside you. I’ll easily adapt to your moods. I CRAVE a strong bond with humans & love to get lovins! I’ll gaze into your eyes and give you my heart and soul. I do a little dance when they take my leash out for a walk. I actually walk very nice on leash but lunge a bit when I see other dogs out of excitement. The shelter and my foster say I'm very alert, smart, calm (after a minute or so of initial excitement) and would excel with learning new stuff. They recommend a non dominant dog to live with if I was to have a fur sibling for now, it depends on the dog really! I get along good with little dogs and respect them when they act bossy. Some big dogs I go submissive and play with and others I may need some time getting used to. Please give me a chance with your dog! I’m a friendly boy but upon initial meeting I growl because my dog social skills are not great. Several slow intro's over time serve me best. Oh darn, I hope you don't have a cat - I do chase and scare them. Sorry. Just know, I am a kind soul, fiercely loyal & loving and can hardly wait to be part a furever family! I never had a very good life. Please, I hope I get a chance for a meet and greet to prove how super duper I am! Thanks for reading! Note that I have a sponsor that will be willing to pay a big portion of my adoption fee, so I'm quite affordable and I come with a nice wardrobe and toys too :)

Shaxx when in shelter