Miss Sadie

This southern bell is about 2.5 - 3 years old. She LOVES being outside and loves playing fetch with balls, sticks or branches. She is a huge fan of snow! As you can see from the videos, she loves being outdoors in all types of weather. She also loves to settle down with a smoked bone or chew toys. One of her favorite pastimes is demolishing soft squishy toys because stuffing is evil and it must be destroyed. She would do well in a home with a fenced-in yard or with an active family that would like to take her out on adventures. She is both potty and crate/kennel trained. She goes in her kennel without fuss but when you come home, she will whine to remind you that she wants to say hi and give you lots of kisses because you were gone forever (she counted)! She is both cat and dog friendly (but she does need slow intros to new canine friends). It is unknown how she does with children. We feel she would do better with older/mature children as sudden movements can scare her. She needs slow introductions when meeting men. When meeting her college aged brother this past Holiday season, it took about 4-5 days of coexisting before she was comfortable with him and would go to him for pets and cuddles. But once she warms up to you, she will shower you with love. She LOVES cuddling with her humans and would love to share your bed. Unlike her foster brothers, she is NOT a bed hog. Not much is known about her past. Rather than trying to fill in the blanks, let’s focus on her future and getting her into her forever home. Apply to have her be a part of your family!!