Meet this adorable nugget Cali! She is a young adult (2 years old and 53 lbs), dark blue pittie girl with little cropped ears (she came to us that way). She is dog friendly, and has been perfect with male dogs thus far, cats are unknown. She loves kids of all ages and is such a big snuggler. Cali is crate trained as well. FROM THE FOSTER: Cali is awesome! She is one of the sweetest dogs ever. She adores being loved on and wants ALL the attention. She really hasn’t gotten the hang of toys but recently started chewing on hard bones but usually prefers treats. She is not interested in catch or even playing with Kong’s. She is very vocal and does this whooo thing at you but very rarely barks. She gets along with my resident dog but can be a bit overwhelming to him. She does best in her kennel when I’m not home otherwise she has accidents. I feel like she may be a bit anxious by herself when not in her kennel. She does like to jump on people but I think it’s because she so close to the ground she wants to meet you half way so she can gets pets, we are working on that. I do adore her and she is the best little nugget ever.